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Naira Dive To Help Reduce Environmental Devastation

Naira Dive to help reduce the impact of Marine Ecosystem.
“Re-use & Reduce Plastic Drinking Bottle”

Sarah Jade Hakim, a young woman who participated in Naira Dive diving tour 2 years ago, in Hatta Island, Banda Naira; encountered Hammerhead Shark during her voyage. She is very attracted to Hammerhead Shark and the life of community. Lately, She discovered that community in Hatta Island has been using mineral plastic bottle for period of time and this made her realises that reducing the use plastic bottle which is in reality impacts the marine ecosystem in particularly, the Hammerheads must be done. Thus, Ms. Hakim endorsed 50 re-used aluminum drinking bottles to pre-school kids in Hatta so that the preliminary campaign is transferred during the young age. The purpose of this campaign is not only to reduce the use of plastic drinking bottle which will impact the environment but also as a warranty that the bottle is clean to be used as it can be re-used, re-cleaned!
This initiation is a cooperative works between Naira Dive and Wallacea Foundation.
Ms. Hakim will continually support conservation inititatives of Naira Dive and Wallacean Foundation because we do not only diving but also concern about the life behind the diving, She said!.

Meet up With Children

Social Care01

Meet up with Children to impart information about the use of Plastic Bottle

Contributing Aluminum Bottle

Social Care02

Passing on the information about using Aluminum bottle

Passing on the Information

Social Care03

Children are being given individual alluminum Bottle to replace the use of plastic bottle

Passing on the Information

Social Care04

Children are very happy to receive individul alluminum bottle to replace plastic bottle

Fast Boat Schedule in November 2017

Fast Boat Cantika 2B serves Ambon - Banda twice a week.
From Tulehu Harbour on Tuesday and Saturday at 9 A.M
From Banda Harbour on Wednesday and Sunday at 9 A.M

Ticket can be purchased directly at the Harbour.
The Economy Class is Rp. 410.000
The VIP Class is Rp. 650.000

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