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  • Trustworthy Dive Operator In the Banda Archipelago whose Dive Guides are certified by SSI Standart
  • Truly an underwater heaven for all divers. Find us on tripadvisor "naira dive"
  • Explore the vast underwater biodiversity!
  • Exotic and rare species found nowhere!
  • World class water visibility!
  • A truly underwater paradise for divers and hobbist!
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Naira Dive Operator

One of the Dive Operator in Banda Island, Maluku whose standard is trustworthy, and managed by local enthusiast in eco-tourism. Our gears are kept under constant supervision of SSI instructors. We will assure your safety and enjoyment in diving by providing inspected gears and experienced-certified dive guides. The diving will be done around Banda archipelago using speedboats and longboats provided by the Naira dive. 
The strategic and volcanic location of Banda makes it truly an underwater heaven for all divers around the world. Its fertile soil grows various of corals, and thus invites colorful fish that may not be found elsewhere. Some even compare the dive sites here to the world’s best. Diving in Banda will certainly give you a memory to take home.
Welcome! Ceisar Chr. Riupassa

DIVING Packages In Store

Island Hopping DIVE
Island Hopping DiveDive starts from Naira, procceding to Ai Island with dive boat as the first spot and continue to Run Island as the second spot and then return to Nailaka Island for lunch and relaxation. Before proceeding to Hatta Island, Nailaka's surrounding is the third spot of the Island Hopping dive.

Interested in experiencing island Hopping Dive?
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Hatta Hammerhead DIVE
pulau hatta underwaterHatta Hammerhead dive offers Atol, Batu Goyang, Salmasa, Matioko, Barracuda point.

Interested in experiencing Hatta Hammerhead Dive?
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Video creditted to Tono


Hatta Relaxing DIVE
Hatta RelaxingHatta Relaxing dive offers Goa Hatta, Sponge Garden, Pulau Kecil.

Interested in experiencing Hatta Relaxing Dive?
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Herittage Spice TOUR
banda herritageThe tour is done in 2 islands during the day that covers Neira Island & Banda Besar Island known as Lontoir to spectacle the historical herittage such as Belgica Fort, Nassau Fort, Museum of Banda, The House of Hatta (the first Vice President of Indonesia during his exile), The House of Syahrir and Dutch Residence known as Istana mini on the island of Neira. Meanwhile in Lontoir island; there are Hollandia Fort, Nutmeg Plantation, Sacred well and the life of local community who collects Nutmeg and Kanari Nut. Herittage Spice Tour is part of Island Hopping Dive Tour where guests are organized to experience inland tour. 
Video creditted to Reza Tuasikal

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